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in memory of john c. haney

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no one should have to suffer silently
A Silent Struggle

John held many titles in his life. Some were well known such as brother, son, friend and teammate; while others he kept silent. When John was mentioned, the last thing that came the minds of his family and friends was depression, but unfortunately that was his reality. John lost his silent struggle to depression on November 12, 2017. Our mission is to now share John’s story in hopes that we can help other people like John. No one should have to suffer silently

Our Mission

Going into 2021, our committee got together to review what we’d done. While we were happy with how we’d started to honor John’s memory, the consensus was to broaden our reach. After a few success stories with people in our community and a warm reception to our Mental Health First Aid training, we knew we needed to think bigger. And so, going forward, our vision is to reduce missed signs and missed opportunities. That will require an almost philosophical change in approach.

We’ll be focused more on some corporate fundraising and giving. The fundraiser will still be around as a memorial, and proceeds for that will go to scholarships in John’s name and other passion projects (if you will ) pursued by the Haney family. As an organization, however, our spending mindset will be focused on Educating Educators, Creating Safe Spaces in Northeast Ohio schools, and spreading John’s Story.

JCH Foundation Mission Statement
Partner with Us

The JCH Foundation would not be able to  meaningfully impact the community without our volunteers and donors.
We have many opportunities which we would love your participation.   
1. We hope to soon announce plans for a second John’s Safe Place. We will need volunteers to assist in room preparation, i.e. painting and cleaning.
2. Every July we have our annual fundraiser in commemoration of John’s Birthday. All funds raised during the event go directly to our various initiatives.
3. Join our team in supporting the AFSP’s Out of the Darkness Walk
4. Donate-Your donation will directly effect our local community.
5. We pride ourselves in the stewardship of these funds and attempt to maximize the impact of your donation.

our vision

Focus on Educating Educators, Creating Safe Spaces
in NorthEast Ohio schools, and spreading John’s Story


Scholarships, Annual Fundraiser, and participation with AFSP in John’s Memory

education & resources

Partnering with local educators, coaches, and community leaders to provide training and resources to combat mental illness

establishing john's Safe place

Creation of mental health “Safe Spaces” in Northeast Ohio Schools

John's story

John’s story is best told through his relationships


"I wish he could have seen
how much he was loved.”


"I hope everyone can find
one friend like (John) in their lifetime.“


"His infectious attitude made a
difference on that team.”

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